This winter, New York is the destination where English attributes merge with the clarity, openness and modernity of New York and the urban lifestyle of the “new generation” reigns. The poles move between a natural simplicity & authenticity and rediscovered elegance. New shapes and volumes influence the look and a mix of formal and sporty elements are styled on a soft, eased silhouette! The workmanship and interplay of style and fabric play a central role.


    Excitement is manifested by the outdoor material mix where nylon and bonding qualities come into the fold. The material mix is an obvious choice. Individual styles and new haptics lend the right finishes and treatments for a noticeably improved fabric authenticity. 



    The most refined activewear! Robust yet stylish. Leave your comfort zone – let yourself be surprised.


    Architect & Designer

    Christian Wassmann studied interior architecture at the University of Art and Design in Zurich and gained recognition in different echelons of the creative community along the way. In 2005 he established Studio Christian Wassmann in New York City. He has since received the Swiss Art Award in the category Architecture and the AIA New York New Practices Award.

    A Swiss in New York
    New York is very liberating. It’s not a place that forces you to be one way or the other. Everybody who comes to New York is a bit of a mis-fit. I enjoy being a small fish in a big pond. Here life is less predictable. There’s a certain risk and danger that I need for my existence. In or-der for me to grow as a person and for my work, I need that thrill and uncertainty which eventually can be very rewarding.

    My studio is in the largest artist housing community of The United States. In the hallway you meet many different types of people work-ing in different disciplines. The building stands very much for the interdisciplinary approach in work that I so craved when I left Swit-zerland. But Switzerland has other qualities that I’m missing here, like extremely good craftsmen and knowledgeable people in their own field. I’m now building a house for myself and my family in Woodstock and we’ve actually hired Swiss carpenters for the construction. They prefabricate my design in Switzerland and put it in shipping containers, which is something I had not expected when I started designing the house, but the Swiss are just so much more advanced technically. I enjoy being a messenger between cultures and places.

    Personal philosophy
    You could say that the sun path diagram has become part of my personal philosophy when I design. Since I was a young boy, I’ve had a fascination for the sky and the cosmos. Today, we apply our cosmic approach in everything we build. A good example is the Sun Path House that I built for a private client in Miami Beach. The sun path diagram of summer solstice serves as the conceptual backbone of the project.

    Personal style
    Thom York said: “Home is a black leather jacket”, mine feels like a piece of architecture. I like to mix things. My jeans and T-shirts are made of organic cotton. If I have a choice, I choose sustainable pro-ducts - as long as they look good.

    Never leaves home without…
    My sketchbook. I‘ve been using the same format since I was 20. I take it everywhere and fill about two a year.


    Gastronome and Music Producer

    The former mathematician and computer scientist has been living in New York for more than 20 years. Aside from the famous Swiss Cafe Select, he owns three other restaurants and bars along with a successful record label.

    A Swiss in New York
    I grew up influenced by both Ameri- can and Swiss cultures. Since I have dual citizenship, I try to use the best of both cultures in my life. Music is very technical in one way and very poetic in another way. In order for it to be successful, it must work on both levels. I try to use the more soulful aspects of the American culture, which still today has the highest standards for pop music. From Swiss culture I take the more technical aspects, since it has one of the world‘s highest standards in sound engineering. Like music, the hospitality business has both an engineering and soulful aspect to it. My music brought me into the hospitality business. In the beginning I thought Cafe Select was the worst idea ever. Who wants to eat Swiss food in NYC? But we made our weakness our strength; we were original and we built Select into a place that’s always full. Since then, I opened three more places in New York: Rin Tin Tin, Better Days and last month Gran Torino. When people ask me what I do, I tell them I work at Cafe Select. Most people do not know that I am the owner.
    Personal philosophy
    Many things in my life happened by coincidence. All the things I tried to plan didn’t work. One of these coincidences was a song – Flawless – I did with two other guys. We re-leased it under our own little label and it became a big hit in the UK
    (ed: more than 1 million copies sold). Then I received some messages on my voicemail that I first thought were prank calls from some idiot friend of mine. (Oliver in a fake British accent:) “Hello this is the management of George Michael” –  until one day I was actually there when they called and I realized it was the management of George Michael! He wanted the song and licensed it. He kept the same title, but extended the name into “Flawless (go to the city)”. It was his last big hit before he passed away. His last top 10 worldwide hit.

    Personal style
    As a student of math and computer science, fashion was never very big in my life. It only became important much later. The older you get the more you choose functionality in fashion and that creates your own so-called uniform. (By the way, I have a huge shoe fetish. In my next life I would probably become a shoe designer. I have very strong opinions on shoe design. In fact, there were women I would not date because they were wearing the wrong shoes.)

    Never leaves home without…
    Phoebe, my rescue dog.



    This native of Zurich has been living in New York for 26 years. He has global success with his «waste art» and has received two Grammy nominations.

    A Swiss in New York
    I have an education in graphic design. Switzerland is still very well known for its quality of design on many levels. My love for design started with the posters of the Zurich opera. They had the best designers. Here in New York I got to work for some very talented music artists design-ing album art for Rage Against the Machine, Tony Bennett, Michael Jackson and Depeche Mode, among many others.

    I was nominated twice for a Grammy for art direction in music packaging. It was a very good time in New York, very creative. But then the record industry collapsed and marketing took over. It had nothing to do with design anymore, the passion was gone. So I decided to do something else. I had always collected good design from the streets, such as posters and snippets that were glued to the walls. Now I had the time and space to approach this hobby professionally.

    Personal philosophy
    I don’t generate new stuff. My interest lies in discarded material. Your trash is literally my pleasure. I give new life to something considered useless.

    Personal style
    I’m always dressed for work and prepared to get dirty. My style is casual and practical. Everything ends up being covered in paint, glue, or both. I kind of keep it simple. I can often be seen in a hoodie – always ready to brave the rain.

    Never leaves home without…
    My scraper! Whenever it rains you can catch me outside with a big bag collecting paper. The humidity helps the process of separating the lay-ers of the paper glued to the walls around the city. When I start col-lecting paper all I can see is the top layer. Once I start peeling I discover layers of older paper stuck beneath. I surgically remove layer by layer. It’s like peeling away memories. You lose some in the process but with a surgical approach you can keep a lot. When I come home, my home looks like a battlefield of paper. I’m always on the outlook for con- struction sites. It’s here where I find the illegally posted and most inter- esting designs / posters.

    It’s illegal to post or hang things on construction sites, but as far as I know it‘s not illegal to take it down. I’m actually helping the police by doing so. When the police stop me, this is my argument. Most of the time they let me go about my busi-ness, since they don‘t want to stand in the rain and get wet doing this themselves. But occasionally they stop me, this man in a hoodie; work- ing at night in the rain, armed with a garbage bag to hold the paper and keep it humid.

    FALL/WINTER 2019/20